ne mam rada američay (josie_in_praha) wrote in itsabutt,
ne mam rada američay

Let the mission begin!

This is the community dedicated to proving that my sister Linnea's icon really is a butt and not a stuffed animal as she so erroniously claims. Rumor has it that Linnea found this butt too shocking for her readers and wanted to cover up its nudity by associating it with something friendly and furry (thank goodness none of her friends are furbies!)
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I have to object. I was there when Linnea recieved the stuffed animal under investigation from our friend Sarah as an end of the year present, and I have a similar one. Her's is named Artemis, while mine is Apollo. So no, it is NOT A BUTT!!!
LOL. You are hillarious!

It is true though.
I'm offering the theory that the icon was Photoshopped to appear as a stuffed animal, when the source pic was indeed some unfortunate and embarrased soul's posterior.
it's a butt!!!!!!!!